Friday, October 22, 2010

What is the most significant object that you own?

How do our objects become so important in our lives and at what point does an object become more important than any other? We are currently living in a society of stuff yet that stuff is very important to us. We can't help but wonder what makes us attached to our things. Does this make us a selfish, materialistic society? Does it mean that the American society puts more emphasis on objects than on people? Does it mean we are superficial? Does it mean that we desire our things more than we desire close relationships? Or, on the contrary, as Daniel Miller contends in “The Comfort of Things” is our focus not really on the objects themselves, but on the relationships or events with others with which we associate the inanimate objects? Miller studied 100 people on a specific street in South London.  He then wrote a book describing thirty of these subjects and his findings about their things. He notes that the objects were gradually accumulated and that they become an expression of that person. Miller maintains that there is a positive correlation between people who have sentimental things and how important their relationships are with the people in their lives.